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Wanted: New Drivers

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About Our Truck Driving School...

  • We have been training Professional Drivers for several decades!
  • Our training has resulted in transportation companies being among the top 4% nationwide for safety!
  • Our training has also resulted in transportation companies being listed among the top performing for having the lowest number of accidents!
  • We have Professional Drivers TRAINING Professional Drivers!
  • Many Drivers have gone on to become Award-Winning Champions in various trucking/transportation rodeos and contests!
  • Our equipment is serviced and maintained by Award-Winning, in-house mechanics!
  • Our focus is Training the "And-Then-Some" way. We cover it all and spend a great amount of time at and in the truck! Our Range and Road training include these items most schools do not...
    • Coupling/Uncoupling
    • Docking Procedures
    • 48' Trailer Training
    • Day-Cab Truck Training
  • Our training program proudly offers course curriculum from the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI)!
  • Our program INCLUDES Fork Lift Training!
  • Our training program INCLUDES Safety Training!
  • We keep our class sizes smaller for more individualized and personalized training!
  • We offer job placement assistance!
  • SDIA is approved by the Indiana State Approving Agency to participate in GI BillĀ® education benefit programs from the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs! So, if you are in the Military, a Military Veteran or a Family Member who has GI BillĀ® Benefits, contact us to hear more about our Class A CDL Program! Click here for more information (PDF)